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Interior Design Consultant

I have hired CME Architects several times over the past three years to handle some rather detailed and quite challenging projects and have been amazed at how well they have performed.
They were extremely knowledgeable in handling some very difficult situations and the end results were always superb. They work within a budget, and honor their original estimates.
They collaborated well with my company, are true team players, and I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered their firm and I and my clients have benefited greatly from their talents and skill.
I cannot say enough about them.

– Interior Design Consultant

Residential 1

Awesome! Craig and his team designed the house with our input. They are skilled, knowledgeable, professional and personable. It was a pleasure working with them. Highly recommended!

Residential 2

Met with Erin/architect approximately January 2014 to start plans for our new home. We were limited in building envelope and had many items on our wish list. We also didn’t want standard colonial design in the interior. She was great and so easy to work with. Offered great ideas and made many suggestions along the way. We had several versions/ changes along the way and she was prompt with turnaround. After a few months we finalized plan. House in beginning stages of build now. Can’t wait to see completed home.

Residential 3

“Erin and all staff at CME Architects were professional and a pleasure to work with! Definitely recommend!”
“I specifically worked with Erin on this project and she could not have been more helpful. If she didn’t answer my phone call, she responded within 24 hours. She offered suggestions and insight and even brought a few things to my attention that I never would’ve thought of when designing our house. A process that I’ve often found daunting in the past turned out to be a lot easier than I ever anticipated.”
— Satisfied Residential Clients

Steven and Sheila M

“We are so thrilled that we were recommended to this firm! Erin Fullam and Craig Mitchell’s collaboration in designing both a new home and additions to our existing one for my husband and me could not have turned out more perfectly. Working mainly with Erin during the creative process, her knowledge and lovely design sense as well as immediate rapport was a joy to share. She humorously helped my husband and I through some “creative differences” between us, earning her an honorary “Architectural Therapist” status.
In collaboration with Craig Mitchell, their technical abilities have been greatly appreciated by our builder, with their thorough and accurate plans making his job so much easier.”

– Steven and Sheila M

About CME Architects


Our goal at CME is to make the client feel like we are part of their team. We work closely with them to ensure that they understand the process and are part of all the steps of the design process from conception to project completion. We find it important to keep the lines of communication open to help the entire project run smoothly.

Whether a homeowner, developer, contractor or corporate client, we treat each client as our most important. Our strength lies in our experience with many different clients and projects, which gives us the confidence and knowledge to see a project through to completion.

At CME, we service a diverse field of clients. Craig and Erin’s main focus is on the residential clients on which the firm was built. They have worked with both homeowners and local contractors and developers, some for over 15 years. Matt’s experience and main focus lies in the fields of retail, hospitality, and corporate architecture.


CME was established in the fall of 2016 as a re-brand of Golemme Mitchell Architects. Craig Mitchell began laying the foundation for CME back in January 2004, when he started a small yet distinguished residential design firm. Craig hired Erin Fullam in the fall of 2005 to assist with production.  As the residential firm grew, the need to expand and diversify the client base became apparent.  Craig hired Matt Bouchard in the summer of 2013, adding his experience in the commercial field.  Matt, a registered architect in Massachusetts and Connecticut, also brought with him several of the clients he had worked with over the years, which supplemented the long list of contractors and developers that Craig and Erin had established as a client base.  Together, Craig, Matt and Erin bring a combined 50+ years of experience in all aspects of Architectural design and practice.

Our Process

No matter what your design needs are

There are several general services that go into most projects:


Meeting with the client and establishing an initial scope of work. Getting a feel for their wants, needs, and expectations.


Developing a proposal, putting in writing our process and spelling out the fees involved.

Beginning the design process and developing the plans with the client until they are happy with the result.

Drafting Construction Documents to comply with all state and local codes. Final Documents include coordination with engineers and any consultants relevant to the specific project.

Construction Administration to ensure that the design intent is met and that the work is being completed until the client is satisfied that their vision is realized.

These tasks will vary from job to job, but generally these are the processes being performed on a daily basis at CME Architects.

The pricing structure will vary depending on the amount of time spent on each of these tasks. For instance, the residential sector will rarely require the construction administration phase, unless the project consists of a multifamily dwelling. The coordination with engineers and consultants varies between each sector and each job.

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